Learning Log Week 2: Streaming, AWS, and Gatsby

June 02, 2019

It's been another two weeks. I don't know where the time is going. I still feel like I'm trying to get settled in. But, it's been a month now. I should be settled in already. Things change too much.

Streaming at twitch.tv/rmorabia

This is the most important thing I've done over the past two weeks. I started streaming almost every (week)day on Twitch. I'm mostly doing interview practice -- algorithms, tiny React projects, being able to talk about code. Sometimes, I do chill streams on the weekend where I say I'm working on a project, but mostly I just talk.

This has been exhausting for all the right reasons. I learn a ton from the practice. This is definitely my deliberate practice every day. I think it's a fun time for the viewers, too. As of this writing, I have 69 followers. That's super cool to see.

The only problem is, some days it takes so much out of me, my brain hurts so much, that it's hard for me to do anything else. I've made huge progress here, but it really feels like I'm falling behind.

I've gotten a bit more used to it now after 2 weeks.

Continued iterating on my dev process

I decided I like remote deveopment. I'm still not so sure about Windows. Running a hot reloading local tunnel is a lot of memory load. I'm giving Windows one last chance, then I'm moving over to a lighweight Arch or Debian distro on my main PC. To clarify -- I would still be developing in the cloud, just hoping that I can squeeze out more of this RAM and CPU by having a much lighter distro.

Oh, also, swap is important. My AWS server was crashing like crazy because I had no swap! Now, it's working great.

Also, I found out that when my server starts slowing down or being rude, it's because EC2 was definitely not designed for this kind of work. After my free year is up, I need to switch over to DigitalOcean or something like that. It's more designed around the kind of work that I'm doing.

Continued with Python

Nothing significant to report here. I haven't made enough progress on the book to have any commentary yet. I'm just trucking.

Continued with my Gatsby site

Every time I report on this, I always say I'm nearly done. I'm nearly done! You can see my progress here. I have one more page left, and then a bunch of miscellaneous stuff I have to look into/refine to be considered a finished app.

My 404 page in particular took a lot of time. I'm really proud of it. I spent as much time designing it as I did actually implementing it.

This will be done this week.

Next Week

I hope to continue streaming 5 days a week. On top of that, I plan to finish radhika.dev, and continue through Python Crash Course.

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