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Based in: Oakland, CA

Current: Software Engineer at OpenTable

I am not looking for new opportunities at this time.


Software Engineer at OpenTable

September 2019 - Present

Full-Stack engineer on the Booking team, building the core booking experience and maintaining related systems.

Technology used:

  • JavaScript (React, Redux, Hooks)
  • Node.js (Express)
  • Unit Testing (Jest, Mocha, Chai), End-to-End Testing (Cypress)

Web Developer at L-Tron Corporation

June 2018 - June 2019

Full-stack developer on a small B2B product development team, building a 360° camera app across desktop and mobile for enterprise clients in the government sector.

  • Introduced best practices such as linting which decreased bugs by 30%
  • Increased developer productivity by over 50% by leading a major refactoring project
  • Streamlined development ecosystem by integrating tools such as Webpack and CI
  • Componentized major code blocks into bloat-free & efficient files using Vue + Vuex


Instructor on

Egghead is a leading instructional site in the web developer community. My lessons there have been viewed for over 60 hours, and tend to be focused on how Linux tooling integrates with web development.

Admin & Mentor on CodeBuddies

CodeBuddies is a global community dedicated to helping folks get better at software development. I have been involved in the community for over 2 years now.

Speaker at QueerJS San Francisco

I spoke about How To Be a Good Mentee to a live and streaming audience in SF and NYC. The slides can be seen here.

Blogger & Writer at

I write a lot, both on my blog, but also to a newsletter audience of 500+. I mostly write about career development and learning strategies in tech.

Project Creator at GitHub

For all other work, please check GitHub. I publish everything (including this website!) there.