Learning Plan: 2020

November 26, 2019

This is a full list of my learning goals for 2020. Each of these topics will be linked out into their own separate blog posts if I have a fleshed out idea of how I'm learning it.

I want to learn Algorithms & Data Structures. This is just at an interview level. I'll probably complete a few courses, then I want to practice doing 1-2 problems a week.

I want to learn post-v16 React. This doesn't need to be super comprehensive, it can just be going through one Egghead course of whatever feels relevant per week.

I want to learn Node from a back-end perspective, not a full-stack perspective.

I want to learn testing. I kinda know Jest, I kinda know Mocha, I kind of know Chai, I kinda know Cypress, but knowing the frameworks doesn't mean I know how to test.

I want to learn system design/software architecture. I want to know enough about this to confidently feel like a mid-level engineer who can make and contribute to decisions by the end of next year. Start with Khalil Stemmler's blog post on this.

I want to finish CS50. Earlier, I said I wanted to do a complete Freshman-level CS. I now think that's too ambitious. I just want an Intro to CS, and then to move onto Algorithms & Data Structures. The other stuff can wait until it feels more relevant.

I want to learn Java.

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